The Tragedy Of The Holocaust Essay

1391 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Certain events in our lives are brought up to make us grow and become stronger from them. They may be the worst thing that could possibly happen but in the end it all makes it worthwhile because we learn what we did wrong and how not to let it happen again. The holocaust was one of these situations. I believe that as a whole, meaning the whole world, that we learned from this event and have grown and know how to prevent it from happening again and better yet, stopping it if it ever does happen again. I once read this poem called “Tale of a Sprinter in the Winter of 1938” it was about a man who was from berlin and was as fast as lightening, he could have been in the Olympics one day but his dreams were shot down because he was a Jew. Not unlike the man who lost his chance at the Olympics due to the persecution by the Nazi regime, many other victims also had dreams shattered by the horrible acts of the holocaust. He was ridiculed and sent to a concentration camp where his hopes of running were demolished just because of his religion. We all inspire to do something amazing with our lives and try to shoot for the stars. Becoming the fastest runner in berlin was one boys dream. He worked hard every day to push and be the best he can be and try and entire the Olympics. The boy spoke of his fast and swift moving feet as if they were a gift from god. It is kind of funny how “gifts from god” may be useful in some situations but be a problem in others. Humans have always gravitated…

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