Essay on The Tragedy Of The Great Depression

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Tough situations can create tough decisions that have to be made in the woman’s mind due to the current conditions. “The disaster of the Great Depression touched all aspects of women’s lives.” (Reagan 132). “That there could be so many desperate enough to prefer to risk their lives rather than bear the fruit of their bodies not only given an in liking of the nationwide extent of this grim practice but dramatically emphasizes our inept handling of a great social problem.” (Kaley 1). The women were going through such an intense struggle that they felt that it was worth risking their bodies all for financial reasons. Women were getting pregnant in the worst possible time. There was broken families simply because money was an issue. Tons of people lost their jobs which in return made it extremely difficult for the parents to provide for their children. “Married couples gave up children to orphanages because they could not support them” (Reagan 132). The Great Depression was not the best time to be having children and trying to raise a family in a stable environment. Money was a huge issue especially considering that the economy was falling through. The job market was not up and running. Somehow women were still getting pregnant in the roughest times finically. Pregnancy during The Great Depression was just added pressure and put women in a bind. “As women pressured doctors for help, the medical practice of abortion, legal and illegal, expanded during the 1930’s. Physicians…

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