Essay The Tragedy Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Friendship is having a connection with a person, who you can rely on at any given moment. However, the bond that is made can be so strong that it can change you in a positive way. From the beginning of the epic, Sandars describes Gilgamesh as a terrible king who harasses his own people. When he becomes friends with Enkidu, he subsequently changes into a better person, but when Enkidu dies Gilgamesh is distraught.

Gilgamesh was an inadequate leader, who lacked the responsibility of a true king. In the beginning of the epic, it states that Gilgamesh was the kind of king who would rape nobles wives, take “whatever he wanted from his people”(4), trample anyone who got in his way, and sacrifice “warriors whenever he feels like fighting” (4). It obvious to say he doesn’t have the accurate characteristics of a rightful king. The people of Uruk no longer wanted Gilgamesh to be their ruler. As a result, they advise the gods for help. The gods agree to assist and therefore demand Aruru, goddess of creation, that “she must now make someone strong enough to stand up to him”(Sandars 4). Aruru then creates a man named Enkidu.

Gilgamesh isn’t aware how much his character will develop because of the making of Enkidu. Even Though, Enkidu and Gilgamesh become friends it wasn’t supposed to have happened because Enkidu was made to stop the wrath of Gilgamesh. When Enkidu was brought into the world he needed to be civilized and tamed in order to confront Gilgamesh. A temple prostitute…

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