The Tragedy Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty has the power to begin the process of closure and halt extended pain for those endearing the consequences of the heinous crime. Hence, it is the survivors, the family members of the murdered who bare the living burden of a gruesome and untimely death. As taken from multiple survivors and families affected by the Oklahoma City bombing, almost all of them stated that they were happy with perpetrator Timothy McVeigh’s sentence to death, expressing their believe that killing him would be just. Darlene Welch, a woman who lost her four-year-old niece in the tragedy, stated: “The sooner he meets his maker, the sooner justice will be served.” Ernie Ross sustained grotesque injuries because of the blast. He said, “He [McVeigh] will get what he deserves in the afterlife, where he will meet Hitler and Jeffery Dahmer.” Another implied that McVeigh should have one leg amputated, and then be suspended over a sharpened, growing bamboo shoots that would pierce his body (CITATION). More than just these individuals insinuated the same feelings of contempt for their personal criminal. For example, in the 2010 Thanksgiving case, Tia Hendricks and her two children were stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Caron E. Montgomery. Details of the investigation say Hendricks endured forty-six stab and cutting wounds. Her ten-year-old daughter Tahlia received fourteen. And her son, two-year-old Tyron, died from a single slit to his throat. After Montgomery’s court hearing, it was…

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