The Tragedy Of The Catholic Church Essay examples

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The Catholic Church has delineated various pious and sinful actions that humans are capable of; it would logically follow that in Hell, these sins would be punished in respectfully distinct manners. However, how would one qualify which sin is the most egregious, and how would one decide which punishment would fit the crime? In The Inferno, Dante seeks to answer these questions in a grand categorization of religious sins, beginning with those of lack of baptism and ending with those of treachery. However, there is a particular emphasis put on the representation of religious figures in the story. Rather than revering the clergy, Dante uses their sins to critique the Catholic Church. While there is a certain level of anonymity when describing some of the clergy, Dante refers to others by name, perhaps because of those actors’ critical role in the Catholic religion (in particular, for specific Popes). Following the nine circles of Hell, it becomes increasingly evident that Dante categorizes the sinner’s crimes by the rationality involved in their sin and the injury that it caused to the purity of the Church. Religious figures in The Inferno were in a position to sin worse than lay people, because of their knowledge of the sinfulness of their actions. Looking at the passion-rationality spectrum in conjunction with religious leaders and the analysis of the church, Dante’s biases against certain sins becomes clear.
The first explicit introduction of the sins of the clergy…

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