The Tragedy Of The Bosnian Genocide Essay

1831 Words Oct 26th, 2016 8 Pages
Cassie Niemeier
Bosnia List Paper

Anyone who says that history is black and white clearly slept through class. There is no simplicity to history. Most events in history are like a Jenga tower. Events stack on top of each other creating a less stable structure until it collapses in on itself, or war breaks out. The Bosnian genocide seems very simple on the surface. In fact, genocide is a rare simple thing in history, a group of people want to eliminate another group of people because the second group is perceived as a threat. The justification and the buildup is a bit more complicated. After all, people perceive each other as threats all the time, so why do we only have a few horrific instances of genocide? Is there one single block that causes the tower to collapse or is it the height of the tower that causes it to collapse? The answer is yes. There is no simple answer in history. In America we destroyed Native Americans because we wanted the land, in Germany Hitler needed a unifier and saw the Jews and other undesirables as a unifying enemy, in Rwanda after years of “favoritism” during colonialism the minority Tutsi were destroyed by the majority Hutu. Bosnia is no different. All these cases had way more factors that played into their genocides, there is a long build up the culminates into death and destruction. In Bosnia there are four major factors that built up the tower. There is a long and bloody history between Christians and Muslims that goes back a thousand…

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