The Tragedy Of The Black Death Hit Essay

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Before the Black Death hit life was reasonably comfortable for the people of Western Europe. Towns were rising along with religion and hierarchy ruled society. This all changed once the Black Death hit. The plague rocked the world and the way of life for people that were hit by it. Nobles were just as likely to become sick as peasants and farmers. No one was safe from the plague, which terrified everyone. There were numerous psychological effects due to this sickness, and it is not difficult to see why. The reasons why the plague created such a scary situation was the way that the plague hit people and the way that the plague spread. Anyone could wake up with gavoccioli and within three days they would likely be dead. The sickness also spread in a terrifying manner. Those people dealing with the sick in any way were likely to acquire the sickness. There was mass death, and people were afraid. It caused them to perform irrational things such as blaming the Jews or flogging themselves. Furthermore, the plague had a fair amount of social effects on society. Countless people abandoned each other, including parents and their children. The people of Western European society completely abandoned their past ways of thinking. Farmers along with the nobles, stopped thinking about the future, and just lived for each day. Consequently, peasants became extremely drunk and farmers let their animals roam while they paid no attention to their crops. Others would abandon their towns, running…

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