The Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Oedipus Rex ' Essay

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It is evident that over the years the classic tragedy has experienced changes in its definition and in its idea of conflict. Sophocles saw the tragic hero in the framework of the Greek concept of law, crime and punishment. In Oedipus Rex the main focus is on King Oedipus who is combating an internal conflict that involves incest, impurity and sin. Through the concept of discovery Oedipus’ relationship with god, his parents, wife and children comes into question. He struggles with the notion that his current life has come to him through the impurity of his own actions. In turn this causes his emotional state to be altered considerably throughout the play. NEED A CONCLUSION SENTENCE In Greek tragedies the oracle’s prophecies are completed in full. Through the prophecies humans are able to see the power of the gods whom they live to please. No matter the amount of suffering experienced humans in Greek tragedy revolve their lives around the notion of powerful gods that are capable of gifting them happiness or cursing them with intolerable misery. “Both [Elizabethan tragedy and Greek tragoedia] involve … speculations about the powers that govern the universe, about their justice or injustice, their solicitude or indifference to suffering men; both [Elizabethan tragedy and Greek tragoedia] lead through crisis, agony, and disaster to an end which somehow, despite all the horror, provides peace” 85). In the case of Oedipus, he has been cursed with intolerable misery. This is an…

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