The Tragedy Of Saint Augustine Said, Lord, Let Me Know Myself

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Saint Augustine said, "Lord, let me know myself, let me know you." Describe a relationship that has helped you to know yourself better. Jennifer Weiner wrote, “Divorce isn 't such a tragedy. A tragedy 's staying in an unhappy marriage and teaching your children the wrong things about love.” As I have grown older, this is a statement that I have learned to be true. My parents got divorced when I was a very little girl. I do not remember anything about the fighting, the lawyers, or the custody battles. I remember being four years old and wondering why my dad was not coming home anymore. I remember the weeks each summer and the alternating holidays spent visiting my father. I remember the tearful goodbyes whenever I had to leave one of my parents. I grew up in a “broken home”, but I am not a broken person. I have come out of my childhood as a young adult who knows what she wants to get out of her life, and the type of people she wants to surround herself with. As volatile as it has been, my relationship with my father has helped me to know myself better. I have never had a good relationship with my dad. We do not see eye to eye on most things and therefore it has been a slightly rough relationship. There have been periods in my life where I have been so angry with him that I have been glad that he lives so far away from me. We would get in awful fights and I would always hang up the phone in tears vowing never to speak to him again. After a while though, I…

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