Essay The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet can be held accountable by fate and destiny. A predetermined course with an inevitable outcome is fate, which all individuals must meet. Fate is not the only factor contributing to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet; many characters with unintentional doings can also be blamed for the deaths of these lovers. Furthermore, the enmity and the pressure created by the parents of Romeo and Juliet can also hold much blame for their downfall. Hence, no one factor or character can be blamed for the tragedy.
Fate plays a significant role in the deaths of these two protagonists. Romeo and Juliet are both considered “star-crossed lovers” (Prologue) because their fortunes were marred by the impact of the stars. This was a superstition of Elizabethan times. Under this belief people are believed to be puppets of destiny as they don’t control what becomes of them, they have to believe fate will bring them nothing but good fortunes. Romeo, however, has a lot of misfortune which he soon realizes himself, “O, I am fortune’s fool” (Act III Sc i)! Romeo here is accusing himself of having bad luck, which he realizes is the cause of all his grief. Furthermore, before entering the feast held by the Capulets, Romeo fears “Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars, shall bitterly begin his fearful date” (Act I Sc iv). This notion of events expected to occur being written in the stars explains how fate predetermines one 's life. Romeo is anticipating his misfortune.…

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