The Tragedy Of Prometheus Bound By Sophocles Essay examples

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“Myths Presented by the tales of the Gods”
. The tragedy of “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus discusses the story of Prometheus’s punishment for providing the human race with fire. According to Cupitt, “ a myth is “typically a tradition sacred story of anonymous authorship and archetypal or universal significance which is recounted in a certain community … it tells of the deeds of superhuman beings such as gods” (Maurizio 14). In the tragedy, we observe the Greek deity Prometheus being punished by Zeus for giving humans fire. Fire was a key symbol in the survival and advancement of the human race. Therefore, this action angered Zeus since Prometheus’s gift went contrasted Zeus’s of punishing the humans by hindering their technological advancement. Moreover, this act causes Zeus to punish Prometheus by binding in him chains. The tragedy emphasized the relationship between good versus evil, while also it explores the theme of rebellion and power. The tragedy presents the benevolent hero Prometheus ,who was willing to be tortured for survival of humankind, while Zeus represents the dominant deity who cares very little about the survival of mankind. “ Prometheus Bound,” by Aeschylus presents a classical play of Greek tragedy by utilizing symbols to emphasize the relationship between good vs evil , rebellion, and power.
In the Greek tragedy “Prometheus Bound”, Aeschylus utilizes power to criticize the selfish and oppressive nature of the human condition . Fire was one of…

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