Essay about The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimneys can oft form a layer of “Creosote, [which is] black or brown in appearance. It can be crusty and flaky…tar-like, drippy and sticky…or shiny and hardened” (“The Facts about Chimney Fires.”). In fact, this creosote problem affects many chimneys all over the world, enwheeling the 7,000 chimneys that are present in the city of Venice, Italy. Venice is the main setting of The Tragedy of Othello, a play written by 15th century English playwright, William Shakespeare. The play is built upon the flaws that each of the characters possess, and how these flaws are exploited by another individual, ultimately leading to their demises. One of these characters are the “tragic hero” of the story. A tragic hero can be classified by Aristotle 's requirements; a tragic hero is a character of noble status, whose fortunes fall from good to bad, and whose tragic flaw leads to the downfall of said character. Many readers believe that Othello is not the tragic hero, however, Othello fits Aristotle 's classification because of his noble status and personality, and his downfall in fortunes, which is wrought upon him by his tragic flaw of jealousy.
It is oft incorrectly supposed that Othello is not the tragic hero because of Iago’s influences upon Othello’s actions. They believe that Othello does not experience a downfall because of his own flaw; they believe that Iago is entirely responsible for the downfall of Othello. this assumption…

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