The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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Throughout time the world has been through many problems relating to race, gender or class. Women weren’t treated as people. They didn’t have freedom and they weren’t allowed to do work that wasn’t part of their role as women. As for class the world saw and heard of the tragic story of the mass genocide that Hitler created. A part of that was hate towards a certain religion, but it was also related to power. He abused his power and created chaos. Last but not least is race. White people and black people were segregated because of the color of their skin. All these horrible, real tragedies affected people, some more than others. It affected their lifestyle, this society, the way we speak and act towards one another. It also affected literature. Although Othello was written before all those events took place, race, class, and gender had been still always a huge problem. The tragic story, Othello, written by Shakespeare is about a man named Othello who was manipulated by Iago. Othello being of darker complexion stood out to most causing him to be the target of racist remarks. He married a white woman named, Desdemona, which didn’t sit well with Desdemona’s father. Along with the disapproval of her father, a soldier named Iago came into the picture and decided to ruin and destroy Othello’s relationship. The reason for that is because Iago thought that Othello had an affair with Iago’s wife. Iago never asked to see if it was true and just assumed it was. That drove him to do…

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