The Tragedy Of Oedipus The King Essay

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There has been an inconclusive debate about whether man has had throughout the history of mankind a sort of free will to decide on his life and what he could do about it or has he been enslaved by some divine forces that acted upon his own destiny.
That very debate seems to be applicable also to Oedipus whose actions were a mere subject of discussion as to whether they were predetermined by the Gods or were they a kind of materialization of a free and conscious will.
On these grounds, we can argue that the presence of prophecies and the oracles in Oedipus the king led to an assumption based on a divine intervention to direct Oedipus actions and his deeds.
Further evidence supporting this idea lies in the fact that it was the oracle in Delphi that announced to Oedipus he was bound to kill his father and then later marry his mother.
Another overwhelming evidence corroborating the notion of divine intervention can be seen and felt in the prophecies predicting Oedipus’s sons who were likely to die killing each other in a battle, the city where Oedipus was likely to be buried would be blessed and whoever took sides with Oedipus would undoubtedly win.
It is crystal clear that the abundance of divine intervention in Oedipus served a purpose; that of making him confess his sins and perhaps seeking forgiveness from the Gods.
It is however, important to note the limitations of that divine intervention as Oedipus made the choice to leave his parents and leave to Thebes.
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