The Tragedy Of Oedipus The King Essay

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As a concept in literature, tragedy can be referred to as a progression of unfortunate events whereby characters undergo severe misfortunes which results to a horrible disaster. The involved characters may be one or more. Tragedy in literature works should basically be in five stages in its normal structure: there should be happy times, an introduction to the problem, the problem should be seen to worsen into a dilemma, the problem should be out of control of the characters and finally the problem should end in a catastrophic or have a grave ending situation. According to Aristotle argumentation, a perfect tragedy should be realistic and having a narrow focus, provoke pity and fear to the audiences, be able to outline traits of a perfect tragic hero and be full of ironies.
Good. By having now all this in mind let see how Sophocle’s story Oedipus the King does becomes tragic. To begin with Oedipus found himself within the palace of king Polybus of Corinth where he was raised up meaning that he had a pleasant life as he was taken as king’s own son. Little did he knew that he was a son to King Laius and Queen Jocasta only that he was rescued by a servant who after being ordered by his mother to kill him on her behalf as she was directed by his father, instead gave him to a shepherd who took him to Corinth. As time passed, Oedipus heard a rumour that Polybus and Merope were not his biological parents and when he asked them they denied the claim. He decided to ask the Delphic…

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