The Tragedy Of Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, And Death Of A Salesman Essay

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(1050) A Drama Analysis of the Evolution and Demise of the Tragedy in Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, and Death of a Salesman

The origins of dramatic tragedy in ancient Greece define a time when heroic figures were killed or removed from power due to the imposition of fate in their life. The tradition of the Greek tragedy is often seen in the example of the downfall of the heroic figure, Oedipus, in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. The “tragedy” of Oedipus is that he is the heroic savior of Thebes because he had solved the riddle of the Sphinx, which gave him the power to be king. This heroic behavior is part of the sadness and injustice that fate imposes on heroic figures, which illustrates the seemingly merciless cruelty in the death and destruction of good men. Surely, Oedipus soon learns that Father Tiresias (his head priest) has consulted the Oracle only to find that it has claimed that Oedipus will kill his own father, have sexual intercourse with his mother, which explains the overarching “tragedy” of fate that destroys this great hero:
To us it seems that both the seer and thou,
O Oedipus, have spoken angry words.
This is no time to wrangle but consult
How best we may fulfill the oracle
(Sophocles, 2011, 5.26-29).
In this Greek tradition, the sadness and dismay of life is found in the death of a great hero for what appears to be no rationale reason. Therefore, the tragedy of this play is defined by the merciless factors of fate, which wield greater authority than the most mighty…

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