The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Leadership is the most important theme in The Tragedy of Macbeth. Leadership Is the most important theme in The Tragedy of Macbeth, because it is a key to the development of the play. Instead of doing his duty or honoring the king Macbeth Kills duncan, so he can have the crown. Macbeth did not want to kill the king and the only reason he killed the king was ambition and desire for power. Macbeth seemed to be living a great life, he was a great warrior and was even named the thane of Cawdor and thane of Fife If Macbeth would have just accepted being thane instead of killing the killing the king he would have most likely lived a longer and better life. “I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on th’other.”(1.6.25-28) This is an important quote for the theme of leadership in the play. This quote it important, because it’s when macbeth starts thinking of giving up his loyalty to the king for his desire for power. When Macbeth says that his ambition o’erleaps itself and falls on th’other, he is showing that he is desiring power more than loyalty. Macbeth did desire power more than loyalty, because he gave into ambition and ended up killing the king. When macbeth is saying that he has no spur to prick the sides of his intent, he is saying that he doesn’t have any problems with the king. This imagery develops the theme of leadership, because he doesn’t want to kill the king. When Macbeth is saying his vaulting…

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