Essay on The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Terrible Trust

(Posing a Solution to the Issues of Trust in Macbeth)

William Shakespeare wrote many brilliant plays during his time. To this day we still teach them in schools, from his comedies to his tragedies and even his historical plays as well. Of course, one of the most recognizable plays and one of the most notable of his tragedies is Macbeth. It is this play that has many themes and ways of taking and learning from the story. It is during this play that Macbeth, and greedy man who wants power, takes things a little too far. He seems to deceive all that trust him and eventually, bring his downfall upon himself. As he strives for power, he takes down the people who love him and trust him the most, posing an issue with the matter of trust throughout the entire play. In the play Macbeth, the major issues of trust come when Macbeth kills Duncan, when he kills his dear friend Banquo, and finally, v

First of all, the issue of trust immediately shows up when Macbeth plans to kill Duncan. This is such a huge part in the play in which Macbeth deceives the trust in someone else simply because he had just been honored by King Duncan himself. Macbeth had proved to be so loyal to him when he fought the battle and cut the bad guy from belly button to the throat because he had been trying to take over King Duncan. Therefore, Duncan said he trusted Macbeth because he had saved his life and put his own in danger just to do so. However, as this trust towards Macbeth grows,…

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