The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Symbolism is something that is used to represent something else in literature. A symbol can be a material object or something other than the literal surface meaning. Symbols are typically thrown around in a piece of text to bring up something that is important to the author and what he is emphasizing. William Shakespeare wrote a play called the tragedy of Macbeth. Throughout this entire play, there are multiple words and phrases that have more than one meaning. Strategically, he placed these symbols in his work to thread this theme of guiltiness. The idea of this theme goes hand-in-hand with his vivid use of imagery. One of the most reoccurring symbols, blood, was put into the large mix of symbols to demonstrate the overall theme of bearing guilt in one’s own heart.

The first significant time that blood is mentioned in the play is when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth invite King Duncan over for the night to have dinner and to talk. Shakespeare used situational irony to display Macbeth and his mind-warping wife’s plan to murder Duncan that night. Together, their plan was to drug the guards, steal their daggers, murder the king, and allow the bloody evidence to plot against the guards. Macbeth carries out the scheme, but unfortunately kills the guards also. He thought they heard him assassinate Duncan in the night, so to eliminate any type of witnesses, Macbeth murders them also. Macbeth, left with bloody hands, returns to his wife to proceed to tell her that the job is done.…

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