The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a play by William Shakespeare, in many ways follows the traditional form of a tragedy, including a tragic hero. Marcus Brutus, friend of Caesar turned lead conspirator and the true main character of the play, follows Shakespeare’s specific model for a tragic hero. The tragic hero is a traditional element in tragedies. A tragic hero can be defined as a person of noble birth who suffers a catastrophe. A tragic hero also has a tragic flaw, which is a personal flaw that influences a hero’s choices leading to the catastrophe. Shakespeare followed the traditional model for a tragic hero but he also consistently added his own elements. Shakespeare’s tragic heroes had complexity and internal conflict and they present their internal conflict through elements such as soliloquy. Rather than focusing on fate, Shakespeare focuses on the character’s choices. His character’s problems deal with the difference between intentions and reality. Marcus Brutus is the tragic hero of Julius Caesar and he follows Shakespeare’s model. Brutus is of noble ancestry, “There was another Brutus once that would have brooked the eternal devil to keep his state in Rome as easily as a king.” (I.ii.159-161). This quote refers to Brutus’s ancestor Lucius Junius Brutus who helped to overthrow the Tarquin Kings and start the republic. He suffers the catastrophe of the conspirators betraying him “What villain touched his body, that did stab, and not for justice?” (IV.iii.20-22)…

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