Essay on The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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In the play, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”, Marcus Brutus does what any loyal countryman would do. He does what is best for his country even if that means killing his best friend. Brutus is a tragic hero, he has to kill his best friend in order to keep Rome a democracy. Shakespeare showed how Brutus hesitated when going to stab Caesar. It shows how good of friends they were and how he was a little disappointed to kill him. But even though he kills Caesar for the right reasons, his friends do not.

In the play, Brutus is the descendant of Junius Brutus. Junius Brutus kicked all the kings out of Rome and established a democracy. As Brutus reads a letter that Junius Brutus wrote, he thinks out loud, “My ancestors drove Tarquin from the streets of Rome when he was pronounced a king” (I.i.53-55). Junius Brutus worked hard to keep Rome a democracy and wanted it to stay that way, as Brutus being the descendant of Junius Brutus, he wants the same thing and is also willing to do anything to keep it that way. With all of this, Brutus suffers a catastrophe, he killed Caesar for the right reasons but the other conspirators did not, they did it out of greed and envy. Rome was starting to turn into a monarchy and Brutus could not let that happen. Even if that meant killing his best friend, he was willing to do that because he did not want what his ancestors worked so hard for to be forgotten and lost. Caesar was making that happen. As Brutus finishes reading the letter and says all he…

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