Essay on The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar And Regina George

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Regina George The society in Rome was a lot like the high school in Mean Girls. Julius Caesar was very similar to Mean Girls, and Julius Caesar is still relevant today because there are a lot of people in the world who are still violent and hurtful to each other like how Brutus was to Caesar. Julius Caesar was the soon to be leader of Rome. There were a lot of people who liked Caesar and there were a lot of people who did not like Caesar.The same thing happened in the high school setting in Mean Girls. Regina George was the most popular girl in school and there were a lot of girls who wanted to be like her. There were also a lot of girls who hated Regina and wanted her gone. Julius Caesar and Mean Girls have many differences and similarities. Julius Caesar is different than Mean Girls because Julius Caesar took place in a different time period than Mean Girls. Julius Caesar took place a long time ago in ancient Rome, while Mean Girls took place during this time period in a high school. The characters were also different in Julius Caesar and Mean Girls. The characters in Julius Caesar wanted to kill Caesar while the characters in Mean Girls only wanted to ruin Regina’s reputation. These differences are important to the stories because if Julius Caesar was not killed then there would be a different ending to Julius Caesar. Likewise if Regina was killed then the story Mean Girls would also have a very different ending. The time period also…

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