The Tragedy Of Hurricane Katrina Essay

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With a vast variety of flourishing tourist attractions, New Orleans was a lively city located in the state of Louisiana, and neighbors Mississippi. Although there had been widespread natural disasters in the past, nothing could compare to the unforgettable tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. This devastating topic was chosen to be written about because of my fascination of such natural disasters, and admiration for people. My aspirations to become involved in the field of psychology in the future encouraged me to write about the impact of such a destructive, significant and life-changing event. The comprehensibly disastrous cyclone itself was alarming, and dreadful. However, it was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that negatively took a toll on the innocent citizens’ well-being in New Orleans, both economically, emotionally, and physically. During the month of August, 2005, the most tragic natural disaster in one hundred years, known as Hurricane Katrina occurred. The 175 mile per hour winds slammed into the Gulf Coast and headed towards New Orleans as a category three hurricane, resulting in only a few casualties. On August 29, brewing into a category five hurricane, the monstrous natural disaster had soon terminated the lives of over 1,835 citizens, as they desperately tried to survive. Stationed in Southeast Louisiana, the New Orleans levee system catastrophically failed; unable to withstand pressure, and the surrounding waters soon become the ultimate killer of…

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