Essay on The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare has become one of his most popular revenge-tragedy play that he had ever written. Hamlet portrayed more of a tragic play than a revengeful one because the late King’s unfortunate death was their only desire for revenge. The incident led Hamlet to seek vengeance, which caused the death of most characters in the play, the madness of some and the downfall of the protagonist himself.
The root of this tragic story began with the death of Hamlet’s father, the late King of Denmark. The ghost appeared before Hamlet and told him “…a tale unfold whose lightest word/Would harrow up thy soul…” (1.5.19-20). The tale was bout his father’s murder. It wanted Hamlet to “…revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). Hamlet then found out that his uncle, Claudius, killed his father by dropping a poison into his ear. Upon hearing the story, Hamlet’s feeling of distraught fraught with something evil that he wanted to kill Claudius as soon as possible however, he failed to do so. Not only Hamlet’s father death led to his son’s destruction, but also to an incestuous marriage. In Hamlet’s soliloquy, he said that his father’s only been “…two months dead – nay, not so much, not two…” (1.2.139) yet his mother suddenly sprung a new love with his uncle within a short period of time. And by that, Hamlet’s grievance turned into hatred. Throughout the whole play, Hamlet was grieving and revengeful. The late King’s death significantly impacted Hamlet as he brought his…

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