The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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“To be or not to be…” is one of the most famous literary lines from a soliloquy ever uttered in a play. In that famous monologue, Hamlet states a metaphor “the slings and arrows.” This is just one of so many metaphors used in the play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. The main characters of this play are King Claudius, Hamlet, Polonius, Horatio, Laeretes, and Ophelia. Hamlet is about a man whose father gets killed by his uncle, who then becomes king and marries his sister-in-law. Hamlet spends the whole play trying to get revenge for his father’s death. In the end, Hamlet gets his revenge but dies and Prince Fortinbras, of Norway, takes over the kingdom of Denmark. I plan on analyzing and discussing the three different types of metaphors used in the play Hamlet and elaborate more on each one of them. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark so it is his responsibility to eventually take over the kingdom. However, he feels trapped and suffocated dealing with his life as royalty and all the difficulties that come along with it. A direct metaphor is used to describe how he feels about his life. Hamlet states, “Denmark is a prison” (Shakespeare 49). He says this in a conversation to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, after his mom asked the two men to talk to Hamlet. He feels imprisoned because his mom, the queen, married his uncle, the now king, and his uncle killed his father. Hamlet knows this, but cannot tell anybody. He feels trapped because of this knowledge and the situation.…

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