The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the tragedy, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there are many characters that live a tragic life. From the point of the beginning, where Hamlet’s father is devilishly murdered, to the point in the end when basically everyone winds up dead. But in this play, there has to be a character that individuals feel the most sorrow for. If there is, what are the reasons for pitying that character most, and why would someone pity them over any other character, because there are plenty of them to feel sorry for. If any character should be pitied the most, it should be Ophelia, because she gets caught up in Hamlet’s life too much, and faces a horrible and untimely death. “Shakespeare 's characterization of Ophelia in Hamlet illustrates the consequences that an extreme lack of female tradition has upon a woman. Ophelia has been shaped to conform to external demands, to reflect others ' desires.” (Brown) In the tragedy Hamlet, the character most pitied is Ophelia, and the reasons why are that she gets tangled in the web of Hamlet’s life, she gets blamed for the reason of Hamlet’s insanity, and she encounters he horrid and untimely death. One reason why Ophelia should be pitied the most is because she gets entwined into the life of Hamlet. This is tragic for her, for she really has no clue on what is going on and what is causing his insanity. She loves him dearly, but she doesn’t know how to act around him because he act so differently so quickly around her. Hamlet starts of normally in…

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