The Tragedy Of Grendel 's Story Essay

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, a child named Grendel was conceived.
He was a misunderstood child. He was born abnormally large. As a result, his father wanted to get rid of his “demonic” child. He had to find a way to get rid of Grendel without Grendel’s mother finding out. He decided to throw the baby off a cliff in the middle of the night while Grendel’s Dam (mom) was asleep. He took the baby to the edge of the cliff, and just as he was about to abort the baby, he heard a harrowing cry. He dropped the baby on the edge of the cliff and departed before he was seen. She had been shamed and shunned by the community nearby for cheating on her husband while he was at war. Instead of killing her, the Geats decided to take pity and punish her. They branded her left eye so no one would want to have coitus with her ever again. The procedure was so agonizing that she couldn’t stop screaming until she blacked out. As she limped a walk of shame home, clutching her eye, she heard the wail of a baby. She followed the infants cries to a cliff. Alarmed, she saw an infant being mauled by crows. Instinctively, she ran to the infants aid. She dispersed the flock of crow-vulture hybrids. She picked up the mutilated baby, examining the damage. The infant had deep and irreversible gashes all across his face. “This poor baby has suffered the same fate I have” cried she “I will save him from oblivion and adopt him as my own offspring.” She took the infant to her isolated cabin…

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