The Tragedy Of Arthur Miller 's ' The Brothers ' Essay

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The great writer Arthur Miller presented the typical life of any man or person trying to live the American dream either for themselves and or their family. Miller also described the many faces of conflicts between siblings and parents as life sends adversity there way. So many things can cause a family to look at their differences when calamity strikes one’s home. This is a perfect example of the Loman home. The two sons of Linda and Willy Loman, Biff Loman and Happy Loman demonstrated many differences and similarities of themselves throughout the play. Differences such as the different successes in life of the brothers drove them apart as they got older. Nevertheless, the brothers still shared certain similarities like their drive to be successful and victorious as they perceived their father Willy. As the tension-filled tempest strikes, the Loman home life itself is turned upside down for the whole family. Miller proposed the themes of betrayal, abandonment and the American dream in one huge ball, to describe the many struggles of one pursuing the great things that life has to bring such as wealth and happiness. In addition, the brothers also struggle to control their praised but mentally deranged father from his many life troubles and mistakes. Happy and Biff both loved each other dearly but their obsession to impress their father and his ego drove them to be competitors and enemies.
As the Loman house is turned upside down by the many issues of life alterations and…

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