The Tragedy Of An American President Essay

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Marrin Brandt
14 October 2015 The Tragedy of an American President
On November 22, 1963 at 1:00 p.m, a tragedy struck the United States. In Dallas, Texas, John F. Kennedy had been sadly shot. When Kennedy went to Texas, he tried to unite two groups. Kennedy wanted to join fighting liberal and conservative wings of the Democrats for the election (John F. Kennedy: assassination). Before arriving to Dallas, he had previously visited San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth. He traveled from Fort Worth, Texas to Dallas, Texas on November 22, where citizens were waiting for his speech at the Dallas Trade Center. Kennedy rode in an open-car down the streets of Dallas, Texas with his wife Jacqueline, John Connally (the Texas governor) and his wife. Kennedy proposed the initial Civil Rights Act but when he was assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson thrived Kennedy and almost instantly toughened the campaign for a major civil rights bill. Instead of disobeying communists, several American leaders disobeyed America, and this had a dramatic change in American politics. Kennedy had been shot in the head and neck while the Governor had been shot in the wrist, back, and the thigh as the car was preparing to drive into an expressway for the last round of the drive. Immediately the two men had been rushed to Parkland Hospital. They then declared Kennedy dead at 1:00 p.m. At 2:38 p.m, Lyndon B. Johnson had been appointed president after Kennedy’s death. (John F. Kennedy: assassination). He…

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