Essay The Tragedy Of Alice 's Life

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When Alice saw Mary’s boyfriend Tom cheating on Mary with another girl; I personally believe that it would be imperative to tell Mary about the incident. This decision is the best one to make based upon Alice’s values of the people she cares about, the extensive length of her and Mary’s friendship, and the possible repercussions of withholding the truth. If Alice considers these three reasons in telling the truth; it will make her decision a lot easier to make. To begin, since Mary is an important person in Alice’s life, it would only be natural to try to keep her friend happy even if the situation is not ideal. In the short run, it may seem to be tempting not to tell Mary the truth. However, Alice should make the responsible decision, being that if the tables were turned Mary would do the same. When Alice saw the incident happen, she immediately could tell that the scene was wrong because of her values. The anxious feeling should be the initial warning to immediately tell her friend. However, if she does not, that feeling of something not being right will evolve into guilt. To avoid the guilt and keep the value of happiness in her friend, it is obvious that Alice tells the truth. In addition to valuing her friends, Alice should remember that her and Mary have been friends for an extremely long time. With this lasting friendship, Alice should know that there are a different set of expectations as friends of that magnitude, as opposed to being acquaintances. Along with…

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