The Tragedy Of Achilles And The War In The Iliad

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Homer, one of the most notorious ancient Greek authors. The Iliad is arguably the one of Homers best works. The main story is not in fact the war, but actually the rage of Achilles and the life of the soldiers. The reason The Iliad is able to be comprehended in modern day society effortlessly is because war will always effect the solders the same. The film Achilles in Vietnam interviewed personnel who fought in the war and described their horrific experiences, which some sounded similar to the ones in the Iliad. After listening to those interviews and analyzing texts from the Iliad, it is apparent there is an Achilles in every soldier, whether they like it or not, he is burning inside them with rage.
War does not just literally kill people,
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One of the reasons Achilles is furious is because Briseis is suggested to take the spot of Chryseis as an offering to the gods. Achilles finds this to be disrespectful which results with him withdrawing from the war. This is not the only incident where Achilles becomes enraged, the death of his friend Patroclus hurts him the most. Patroclus wears Achilles’s armor to lead the troops to battle, unfortunately for Patroclus, he is not as skilled as Achilles making this the last battle he fights. Achilles reenters the war along with his troops to avenge Patroclus’s death. With the death of Patroclus looming over Achilles, he mentally enters a state of timelessness, he acts without thinking. There is a scene in the Iliad where Hectors wife tried talking him out of fighting Achilles, changing the tone of how the reader feels. It allows the reader to sympathize for Hector, leaving the reader feeling sad for Hector, but do not want Achilles to loose. Finally Achilles battles Hector and to no surprise Achilles wins. The effects of the anger leads Achilles to ties a rope to Hectors feet and drag him around. As we know, that is not respectful act, as soldiers you should respect the dead, but the rage overtakes …show more content…
PTSD can be overcame with the correct “medicine”, Briseis was Achilles’s “medicine”. When he was with her, he would go back to his old self and be loving, the anger would end. Soldiers returning home from Vietnam also had terrible PTSD, they were always angry and on edge. As Arthur McLella recalls one time where he was driving and someone cut him off and he lost it, he was chasing after him and wanted to confront him with violence of course. After he though “what am I going to kill him?”, he calmed down and with the support of his family he was able to become better One of the veterans would wake up in the middle of the night crying, luckily his parents would comfort him with hugs and by giving him the support he needed. He would recover and live a normal life because he had the love and support of his family, similar to Achilles, he had Briseis his true

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