Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Human Trafficking

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You’re lying completely naked on a cold, cement warehouse floor, condensation building up, chained and shackled to a wall with hundreds of other women and children screaming and crying around you. You’re not quite sure how long you’ve been here by now; weeks, months, years. It all blends together. Your body is bruised and sore all over. You hear the sound of a door slamming and look up. All of a sudden, you feel someone grab your hair tightly and yank as you scream in protest. No one ever listens. They drag you across the cold, sweating floor in complete darkness as you writhe to be free of their clutch. They open a door and heave you across the room onto a cold, filthy, stained mattress on the floor. A man enters the room and you hear the sound of him bolting the door shut behind him. You already know what comes next, but you still close your eyes as tight as possible and wish it wouldn’t. The man violently and brutally rapes you for hours on end while you scream and cry. No one can ever hear you; no one ever will. Although there are many active steps being taken to prevent …show more content…
Every small active step, even though it may not seem like much now, makes a difference in the long run. Learning some of the red flags or warning signs that someone may be in a trafficking situation, volunteering time at a local trafficking victim shelter (if available), and making sure the fair trade logo is on items you purchase in the store are all excellent first steps to take in order to better combat human trafficking. “You see, in America, we are accustomed to believing that slavery no longer exists; the idea that slavery should thrive in a world of Starbucks, seemingly benevolent red-light districts in Western European cities, and general openness and civility seems almost absurd. Only that, of course, is the illusion that allows us to sleep at night,” (Natasha From

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