The Trafficking Of The Soviet Union Essay example

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In Russia, millions of men, women, and children are kidnapped or tricked into being shipped to work in sexual services or forced labor. This issue has since increased since the fall of the Soviet Union ("In and out of Russia"). Since then, between 600,000 and 800,000 people fall victim to the trafficking circuit every year. In 2011, studies showed that the majority form of trafficking was sexual exploitation but new studies have said however, that undocumented forced labor is increasing rapidly (Hepburn and Simon 299). So, Kto Vinovat? Who is to blame? Trafficking is a result of many combinations of factors. For example, government corruption, bad economy, poverty and the inability of Russia 's legal system. In Russia, there is often little enforced punishment for traffickers. The trafficking of men, women, and children in Russia is inhumane and can be reduced by putting in place a stricter law on the import and export of humans for sexual and physical labor. Mary Buckley, author and researcher of global trafficking, calls it, "Disposable people without legal ownership ("Public Opinion")."
Russia is a major source of sexual trafficking victims and a host country for both victims of sexual and labor trafficking. Also, it is a transit country for many Asian smuggling victims whose destination is Western Europe. This means that Russian people are not only victims of trafficking, they are the host country for thousands of people sent to work against their will. They also…

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