Essay about The Trafficking Of Human Trafficking

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The definition of human trafficking is, “the recruitment, harboring, and/or transport of people within or between countries for exploitation.”(Human Trafficking). Labor trafficking was the first form of human trafficking, and it is still the largest form of human trafficking today. Sex trafficking is on the rise, and has become one of the most common types. A new upcoming form of trafficking that became known at the beginning of the twenty-first century is organ trafficking. The trafficking of humans for labor, sex, or organs is a violation of human rights, and this form of modern day slavery needs to be eliminated. Slavery was the first form of human trafficking in history. Labor trafficking began in Egypt with the building of the Great Pyramids. Slaves were used to help build the famous architecture. After Egypt came Ancient Greece taking prisoners of war and Portuguese sailors transporting and selling africans for labor use. In 1904, when people realized sex trafficking was becoming a problem, the White Slave Trade was signed to ban the selling of white women into prostitution. Later in 1921, the League of Nations protected non-white women from being sold. These problems have continued into to create the the third most profitable crime industry in the world. Human trafficking affects 12.3 - 27 million people worldwide. The most common places for people to be affected are Burma, Cuba, Iran, Kuwait, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and the Sudan. These places are considered to…

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