The Traditions Of Ingenious People Essay

744 Words Oct 9th, 2016 3 Pages
In the readings we have done in this class, I have learned about the traditions of ingenious people. The tradition that sticks out to me is that the Elders become the spiritual leaders of the community. Every person within the community looks to the Elders for advice, for culture, for wisdom. In this paper I will argue that Elders can help both aboriginal youth and others in a similar way, Elders have a way of bringing and keeping knowledge within communities. I think Elders could help by informing others of the traditions they have always had; with traditions ranging from medicinal plants to the Medicine Wheel, Elders are an abundance of useful knowledge for the new generation. I believe that Elders acquired so much wisdom over their lives, just so that wisdom can live on through many generations; “…they are perceived not as harbingers of a lost Eden but as the oral historians, guardians of the secrets, as interpreters of the life of the people, as unusual teachers and way-showers to the people.” (The Role of Native Elders: Emergent Issues, Pg. 19) An oral historian is the perfect term for an Elder, they learn their culture their entire life, and the fastest way to spread information is by word of mouth. Traditional stories are not only stories, but acts of wisdom and kindness or a way to preserve the land that can be passed on thorough communities to obtain knowledge. Elders are a need for non-aboriginal people too. In this modern day we live in, we have a very…

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