The Toyota Company

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The long and illustrious story of the Toyota Company begins with a carpenter’s apprentice and his dream to change the world.
When Japan reached out to its citizens to find innovators and inventors during the Industrial Revolution, Sakichi Toyoda quickly answered the call. Sakichi Toyoda was inspired to create a better loom after witnessing his mother struggling to use a loom. While he first created an easier-to-use manual loom in 1891, he eventually created Japan’s first automatic loom under his company. Unfortunately, before Sakichi Toyoda could enjoy the results of his efforts, his company was hit with financial turmoil and he was forced to step down.
While Sakichi was depressed by this, he did not give up. He began another loom company,
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During this prosperous time, Toyota decided to attempt the global market. Shotaro Kamiya, president of Toyota Motor Sales Company Ltd., began the process in 1955 by shipping the Toyopet Crown overseas. In 1957, Toyota officially became a global company and soon after in 1958, Toyota opened its first United States dealership in Hollywood, California. At first, Toyota struggled in the global market, especially in the U.S.; the Crown was not designed for the faster American roads, and it frequently overheated. Because of this, Toyota sold very few cars. Shoichiro Toyoda was then assigned to oversee a project to make a car for the American roads. During this time, he also implemented Total Quality Control within the company.
In the 1950s Toyota reattempted the global market and exported more suitable automobiles to the U.S., Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and many more countries. During this time, the principle Genchi Genbutsu, or ‘go and see’, was also introduced to the Toyota Company’s philosophy. The U.S. reacted much more favorably to Toyota’s Corona, and in 1965 Toyota was awarded the Deming Application Prize for quality control. In 1966, Toyota introduced another popular vehicle, the

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