Essay about The Tourism Industry Of New Zealand

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The tourism industry in New Zealand has expanded rapidly in the last ten years, international visitors come to new Zealand expecting a clean, green beautiful country. Tourists expect New Zealand to be a friendly country, they expect our adventure tourism to give that adrenaline rush that they had hoped for. International tourism contributes $11.8 billion dollars to New Zealand, and is the second largest export which contributes for 17.4% of total exports. In 2015 New Zealand had over three million visitors. 3,900 of these visitors (primarily holiday but also by VFR and other visitors with a holiday element to their visit) were given surveys relating to their holiday experience, any following statics were taken from the results from year ending June 2015.
Visitors experiences are mainly very positive with an overall satisfaction score of 9.1 out of 10, we met and exceeded the expectations of 94% of the visitors. To meet and exceed visitor expectations we need to provide excellent service, 10 out of 10. At the moment we already exceed the expectations of 94% of visitors. When asked “ did your holiday In New Zealand exceed your expectations?”, the visitors showed that 41% had their expectations exceeded, 53% had met their expectations and 4% were worse than expectations with only 2% unsure. The 2% and 4% were very low percentages but they are still there and we need to deliver the promised 10 out of 10 service we advertise.
When we exceed expectations we create very positive…

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