The Touch Of Death : Dim Mak Essay

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THE TOUCH OF DEATH Dim-mak, otherwise known as the death touch, is connected to the lethal art of pressure point fighting. Both are precise arts which can cause fatal results including health problems, unconsciousness, delayed death, and immediate death. However, these lethal results can only be achieved when exact precision is applied in multiple areas. “It requires an exact knowledge of the location and use of small targets on the body. Different points have different functions. Different points work together in different ways. . . . Each has a particular angle at which it must be struck or pressed to produce results” (Dillman and Thomas Kyusho 36). Due to the body’s complex system and the interrelation between the Chinese beliefs, the hands of the pressure point fighter must be exact and sharp when striking the body’s pressure points. These points have a one or two inch diameter that can be struck in order to produce results, but strikes given to the exact location have a far more lethal effect. This precise accuracy also applies to the type of strike and the angle of attack that is used on each point. If all three factors are done perfectly, the full effect of the destructive point, possibly death, would be imposed onto the opponent. The art of dim-mak and pressure points is directly related to the healing practice of acupuncture due to their foundations in the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture utilizes the Chinese beliefs to promote healing through…

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