The Tort Of Tort Reform Essay

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While I always knew there was a difference in the types of legal cases such as criminal and civil, I was not aware of Tort law. According to Lau & Johnson (2011). “A tort can be broadly defined as a civil wrong, other than breach of contract” Simply stated, a Tort is some type of civil wrong that causes harm or loss. These law suits are brought for reasons such as personal injury, consumer protection or defamation. It is argued by many that current tort laws are unfair and that very high, even unfair, amounts of compensation are being paid out as a result of theses cases. This has brought of the discussion of Tort Reform. In essence, Tort Reform is looking to limit the number of cases by limiting the types of cases that can be filed, when they can be filed, and limit the damages paid. It also looks to alter and limit the ideas behind punitive damages.
The specific arguments for Tort reform is that the system and laws are frivolous and costly. Under the current system, the court systems spend a lot of money on personal injury lawsuits. According to von Spakovsky, “When it comes to the U.S. tort system, we are talking about real money because the tort system costs us billions every year. A 2007 estimate was that the total cost was $252 billion--almost $1,000 for every person in the country.”(2010). Those in favor of tort reform propose that by changing the current tort laws it will lessen the amount of lawsuits that qualify and reduce the amount that courts must spend…

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