Essay on The Tort Of Legal Words

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Tort in legal words can be defined as the body of various obligations, remedies and rights that are put to use by courts whilst civil proceedings to ensure justice is served and relief is provided to people who suffer from the harmful and wrong full act of others.
A plaintiff can be defined as the person who sustains injury or is distressed about fiscal damage as the result of tortious conduct
On the other hand a defendant is the person who is held for causing the injury and sustains liability for the damage caused.
In the above case the Plaintiff is Boris Chemicals and Brian, and the Defendant here in the case is Petrochem Ltd.

To understand the case in a better way we need to also understand the term Negligence cause the given case is purely dependent on the fact that the Defendant, Petrochem Ltd. has been negligent.

Like in the mentioned case most injuries that are a result of tortious behavior are caused due to Negligence and not intentional wrongdoing.

The term used for identifying behavior that is responsible for all risks of damage to people or property is Negligence.
It has been stated that a person acts negligently when his behavior proceeds from the behavior normally anticipated of a reasonably prudent person under the circumstances.

We have to understand the 3 basic elements of Negligence to lead this case.
1) Duty of care- This can be defined as the legal obligation defined by the plaintiff that allows the defendant to act in a particular defined…

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