The Tort Law Is An Associated Civil Offense Essay

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Tort law is an associated civil offense that unfairly causes another person to suffer loss. In many cases, the scenario involved is not necessarily a criminal offense but rather negligence by one of the parties involved. The tort law usually works with Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). EMTALA is a legal act under the federal law that requires that all people brought to the emergency room be offered immediate care regardless of their ability to pay for the services. The compromised party may infringe the victim through physical injury, emotional, or constitutional injuries commonly referred to as legal injuries (Van Dam, 2013). The case scenario involves two students, Bobby and Rachel, a nurse, a surgeon, city general hospital and a sports organization, ACE sports. I will provide an evaluation of the potential liabilities of all the characters involved and the level of negligence that applies to each party. I will further assess the comparative level of negligence the concept of joint and several liabilities. Potential liability is a burden that is common in many instances. It involves negative results that may occur as an outcome of an unpredictable future event. Various adventures such as sports and professional field especially the medical field are full of uncertainties. Just a minor negligence or breach of conduct can cost the affected party a lifetime scar. In the sports profession, the players should always anticipate for injuries. The anticipation…

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