The Torah Is Law And The Pentateuch And Is Composed Of 5 Books

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My understanding of the growth and development of the Old Testament has been alerted immensely. The Torah is Law and the Pentateuch and is composed of 5 books. In the Book of Moses, Genesis is Prolog the authors’ purpose was to demonstrate God’s relationship with his people; not to present a historical account and it was written by various peoples. The next book is Exodus, which is the 1st book, important because God steps in powerfully. Leviticus is the book of priestly Law the necessary for unattained holiness in all aspects of life. Deuteronomy deals with the 2nd Law the second law. One of the most theological books of the O.T and The self-revelation of God and corresponding response of man. Numbers deals with Exactitude, statistics, regulations, genealogies structured, organized society under the sustaining and guiding hand of God. The Torah is Law and Moses did not write the Torah. Many of us were brought up believing that Moses had written the Torah. By looking at the dates, they do not coincide. How can a man born in 1200 BCE write account written years later? Moreover, after hearing the lecture on creation, the questioning and skepticism began. As we read the Book of Genesis, I learned that it is the preface of the Bible and it is a mythological analogy and the myths that capture a larger truth and it was arduous to accept that Adam and Eve never existed; there was no apple, no snake and no temptation. is mostly story’s, Israel…

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