The Topic Of Education And The English Language Essay

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The research I am about to present is on the topic of education in schools, particularly English. After surveying ten respondents of the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, I have concluded some data about writing, grammar, and the English language. The purpose of the surveys was to research what students, faculty, and others of Mary Hardin-Baylor thought about writing and education. Surveys were conducted with consent of the respondent and the audio was recorded. Respondents were notified that the purpose of the survey, and it was delivered orally. Results were kept anonymous.
The first question of the survey asked respondents, “Do you believe there is a connection between reading and writing?” This question included the follow up question, “what do you think that connection is exactly?” Respondents all agreed that there is a connection. Five of which, said the connection is writing teaches you to read. Meanwhile, four respondents replied that reading teaches you to write. Lastly, one participant said that people write so that people can read it. In “Preparing to Teach Writing” by J. Williams, he says that the belief that there is a connection between reading and writing is a long held belief. In Ancient Greece, the Literary Thesis was born. It taught that be teaching students through literature would teach them writing. Reading literature taught thinking and they believed good writing would come out of that. However, Williams claims that research shows this…

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