The Top Management Team Of Rongping Chemical Company Essay

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Environmental issues are becoming the significant concerns within the business community. Water pollution results from the dumping of raw sewage and toxic chemicals into rivers and oceans, from oil and gasoline spills, and from the burial of industrial wastes in the ground where they may filter into underground water supplies. China has most of the world 's worst water pollution. All of China 's lakes and rivers are polluted to some degree. According to a Chinese government report, 70 percent of rivers, lakes and waterways are polluted, many so seriously they have no fish, and 78 percent of the water from China 's rivers is not fit for human consumption. China is responsible for 21 percent, mostly due to its growth in manufacturing. And due to the billions of tons of wastewater and sewage released into rivers and lakes by Chinese chemical firms every year, 300 million of its citizens do not have clean drinking water.
The top management team of Rongping Chemical Company, one example of the failure not of one individual but of scores of teams when they made the tragic decision to cut costs and increase profits by dumping untreated chlorine into rivers, raising the level of chromium-6 which is a tasteless, odorless compound that causes ulcers and cancers to over 20 times national standards. Other organizations, like Luliang Chemical Company, have done the same, endangering the health of the same citizens it helps with jobs and opportunities. The court ordered the company to…

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