The Tool Of A Gun Essays

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The purpose of a gun to many is a tool used for ending another’s life, but to me it is a tool meant for protection and security. Around a year ago my apartment was broken into by a con artist who had tricked me into showing him my room, he had told me he was a repair man here to replace the old locks with some newer ones. At the time I was fresh out of my parents’ house so I was quite gullible unfortunately, and let him "fix" all my locks. He had planned to break in when me and my roommate were supposed to be at school, however he miscalculated and we were both there. As it turns out the con man no other than my roommates’ ex stalker ex-boyfriend and intended to steal from us and she was not pleased. They started to argue which escalated to things being thrown, to a fist fight, then to things being destroyed. He was arrested but the damage was already done and left me terrified. After that I decided to protect myself from potential threats and went to classes to learn how to shoot a pistol. Ever since I have felt safe but unfortunately that feeling might be short lived. The protest to ban guns entirely threated gun owners’ ability to keep their guns and protect themselves against criminals who won’t follow the law. There are some big misunderstandings when it comes to gun and the people who carry them, after all most of us are law abiding good people who just want to feel safe.

I 'm no gun nut but I prefer to have my pistol with me at all times after what went down in my…

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