Compare And Contrast The Tones Of Time And A Rose For Emily

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“The Tone of Time” and “A Rose for Emily” both are stories that having female as a leading role. Mary J. Tredick in “The Tone of Time” and Emily Grierson in “A Rose for Emily”, ladies who are similar but opposite, males had once taken an essential position in their lives. When the males left, both the ladies’ lives are affected. With the influence of males, are Mary and Emily eccentric characters victimized by men? In this essay, I will argue it by discussing their characteristic with the general society’s image of female. Although they have similar experiences, they have different endings because of their attitudes.
In “A Rose for Emily”, Emily is represented as a classic lady in the upper class whose family is respected in the South
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In her life, several men appear. They are her father, a young man, Homer Barron and Tobe. The first man ruined Emily’s life is her father. He bleeds Emily as an introvert girl and separates her from the society and relatives, making himself as the only supporter whose Emily has no other choices to rely on. Under the control and protection, Emily loses her power of independent and take her father, the male, as the central of her life. In the death of Emily’s father, she shows dependent on her father with nothing but only inherits a house with servant Tobe." And we knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will.”(Faulkner 52), Emily declined her father’s death by refusing the dispose of the body, like clinging her father as a person who robbed her. Emily’s father, as a male, his leaving has ruin Emily’s life, by taking away her world and her sense of security giving by the male. The leaving of Emily’s father also causes Homer Barron becomes the second male who victimizes Emily. Homer Barron is a blue-collar and a Yankee, and described as “a big, dark, ready man” (Faulkner 53) in the story. He appears at the time of the summer after Emily’s father’s death. In the time, Emily has lost her sense of security because of the death of her father, Homer Barron appears in an image of a classic man in his appearance with his outstanding leadership skill is shown in the communications between town people …show more content…
She is unmarried, having no family members and friends like Emily and there is also a male who has abandoned her, but she is not victimized by men. The gentleman in the portraits is the only man, who was Mary’s lover, mentioned in the story. He is a player, having Mary and Mrs. Bridgenorth as lovers in the same time, however, death has taken him away making him unmarried at last. He is an unforgettable memory for the two ladies - Mary can remember his likeness without notes, sketches and studies. The gentlemen once ruined Mary’s life, as Mary says to the narrator “I once had everything” (James 9) and “It’s all hate!”(James 9), reflected the gentlemen ruined her life once and remaining for her is only hate, but he does not totally destroy Mary. Although Mary has once break down when she mentions the man in the portraits, at the last of the story, she is released by owning the gentleman’s portraits and successfully revenge herself on Mrs. Bridgenorth. Mary, at last, because of the man, she has a more grateful life as a new modern woman, revealed by her beautiful

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