The Tolkien 's The Hobbit Essay

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“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” A famous truth from JK Rowling 's relate itself to the novel The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien as Bilbo Baggins is forced to stand up to his friends. The Hobbit is a novel speaks to a great deal of human conditions throughout its pages, even with the lack of human characters. There are complex characters that are easily relatable, like the Hobbit Bilbo, a shy creature thrown into an adventure, he grows strong and becomes a leader of the quest; or Thorin, a greedy dwarf whose story is a fall from grace. Focusing on Bilbo Baggins the novel shows the attributes of a hero as Bilbo goes on a heroic quest with the help and leadership of Gandalf as well as Thorin and Company. Through the evolution of the novel, Bilbo shows true heroic qualities as his morals change and his courage acts build; heroic aspects that Bilbo demonstrates can be seen in tangible hero’s around the world, as the novel shows that anyone can become a hero. The morals of Bilbo in the beginning of the novel are very reserved as he mostly cares for when he will eat, and that he will look respectable. Even as an abundance of strange men come to his house uninvited for tea, Bilbo made it a point to be polite, “‘ I suppose you will all stay to supper?’ he said in his politest unpressing tones” (Tolkien 12). Bilbo’s home is invaded by dwarves that the hobbit has never met, yet he serves them all without…

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