The Tobacco Industry India Faced An Advertising Ban From The Government Of India

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The Tobacco industry in India faced an advertising ban from the Government of India. This also included sponsoring of sports. The ban was introduced to reduce the numbers of people taking Tobacco so that in the end diseases caused by tobacco can be controlled.
In Favour of Tobacco Advertising Ban
The arguments that were presented in favour of the ban of tobacco advertising in India in included the precedent that was set by countries like Norway which effected the ban in 1975 and showed a drop in tobacco consumption of 25%. Another country which also banned advertising of Tobacco is Finland. The ban in Finland was effected in 1978 and showed a drop in consumption of 37%. The department of Health (DOH) in United Kingdom also reviewed the evidence that was available in 1992 to assess the effect of ban on tobacco adverting and the result showed a significant drop in tobacco consumption.
Another supporting evidence for banning advertising came from World Health Organization (WHO) whose statistics showed that 4.023 million deaths in 1998 were tobacco related. The estimates even indicate the doubling of the figures to 8.4 million by 2020.
World bank studies in over 100 countries that compared data from countries that had banned to those that didn’t ban indicated significant slop on the graph from the countries that banned advertising.
Despite arguments that the Tobacco industry contributed to India’s economy, the figures indicated an insignificant 0.14% of Gross Domestic…

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