Essay on The Tobacco Conspiracy, By Film Maker Nadia Collot

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The Tobacco Conspiracy is a documentary which was released in 2005 by film maker Nadia Collot. Collot is on a research pursuit to discover the reason in which people smoke. Thus, this insightful documentary focuses on summarizing the tobacco industries history as well as the corruption and deceitful tactics tobacco corporations use to engage their consumers. This is an educational documentary which has a wide target as it can be used as an educational tool to deter those who do not smoke and an used as an enlightening source of information for those who choose to some tobacco.

The main purpose of the document, The Tobacco Conspiracy, is to educate the consumer and provide proper education surrounding the tobacco industry. Accordingly, the film highlights a few of the downfalls and successes that have been made within the tobacco industry. To illustrate, from an early point in the documentary, Collot conveys to the viewers that the tobacco industry has been lying to their consumers for years. Thus, she further substantiates her point when we view Collets’ attempt to interview executives of tobacco companies. However, only one executive returns her call, unfortunately they refusing to make a comment on the subject matter. The executive refusing to comment on the subject matter Collot was researching illustrated that the tobacco companies are not interested in educating the consumer, rather they are driven by the economic money.

As a whole, the documentary outlines…

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