The Tna Of The Texas Nursing Association Essay

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As per the Texas Nursing Association’s (TNA) web site, the TNA’s is a professional organization of the that represents nurses in the State of Texas and it’s stated purpose is to advance the profession of nursing in the areas of education, nursing development and political advocacy.

The TNA was formed in 1907 in Fort Worth Texas, and was then named the Texas Graduate Nursing Association (TGNA). With the advocacy of the TGNA the first State Nurses’ Registration Act, which instituted the Board of Nursing Examiners for the State of Texas. In 01964 the TGNA changed its name to the (TNA). In 2007 the TNA celebrated 100 years of representing and advocacy for Texas Nurses.

The umbrella organization like the TNA represents all nurses regardless of specialties in the areas of political advocacy to state governments, the state board of nursing and the TNA provides advocacy for generalized education for all registered nurses and student nurses in the area of education. Advantages to membership in an umbrella organization like the TNA is this organization can effect policy change in the political arena and the areas of educating general student nurses. It also provides networking opportunities across specialty lines. As a student and soon to be a newly register nurse, the TNA should be the first professional association one should become a member. Because the TNA will provide tools to improve my skills as a novice nurse and can provide areas to access in order to further…

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